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120 M2 (1291,67 SQFT)






This project is a celebration 

of the utopian vision

of living in nature

with the comfort 

of modern life, 

all while adopting 

a more conscious mindset

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Tulum Real Estate

Outstanding Features

  • Located in one of Tulum´s upcoming residential areas, where public drainage, underground services and paved streets ensure a conveniente and modern environment.
  • Spacious areas given their double height
  • 60% of endemic vegetation has been preserved in this project.
  • Large natural light entries.
  • Bio-Dome inside each house - A technology that keeps interiors lit most of the day, reducing energy consumption. 
  • Use of natural materials such as Bambú, Henequén, white polished cement and limestone. 
  • Amenities for community gathering. 
  • Optional design furniture package (for an additional cost)

Master Plan

Tulum Real Estate

This project features

common amenities such as: 


* Pool

* Recreation area

* Pond

* Mixed use hall

* Security

* Gated Community


Floor Plan

Living in

well-designed spaces: 


* Two bedrooms distributed on the first floor with modular carpentry and balcony

* Full bathrooms with enough space for you to comfortably carry out your activities


* Areas: Even more spacious areas given their double height: kitchen, breakfast nook, dining room, and living room.

All with a bathroom for your guests.


* Household tasks: Integrated integral laundry area and two storage bodegas to meet your daily needs.

* Backup energy: Energy bank for your WiFi router and smartphone charging during power outages.

Tulum: The youngest tourist destination in the Mexican Caribbean

Cancun Mexico


This city has rapidly emerged

in recent years

as a world-renowned tourist destination with its own personality

that attracts travelers

in search of

off-the-beaten-path experiences.



 The accelerated growth of Tulum

poses serious challenges

regarding its integration with the nature of the place,

for which sustainable development proposals

such as this one

are extremely appreciated.

An Investment with a "Hybrid Effect"





* Organic waste management system. 


* 60% of endemic vegetation is preserved. 


* Use of natural materials (bambú, henequén, white polished cement, limestone). 


* Thanks to the double height, the environment feels cooler, reducing the need of AC. 





* This project is located in one of Tulum´s upcoming residential areas where public drainage, underground services and paved streets ensure a steady appreciation of value. 

* The developer of this project is focused on durability investment with a future vision, meaning you can enjoy your home for generations.  

Timeless design: Each property has been created with an aesthetic that transcends fleeting trends, ensuring its beauty endures over time.  





The philosophy of this project is design promoting a life of wellness. Each home is a seed of life, designed to evolve with its inhabitants in harmony with the natural jungle environment. 


*  Its organic spaces allow for the healthy development of its inhabitants.


* Common spaces for community gatherings.


* Bio-Dome: Each house receives natural light from all directions, ensuring that the house stays fully illuminated regardless of weather conditions. 


Driving Distances

  • 10 minutes to Tulum Downtown
  • 17 minutes to nearest beach club
  • 38 minutes to Tulum International Airport 
  • 57 minutes to Playa del Carmen
  • 1 hour 56 minutes to Cancun International Airport

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