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501 M2 (5,392.35 SQFT) TO 10.394 M2 (111880 SQFT)



This community

is focused on improving

the quality of life 

of its residents. 

It values nature, passion,

creativity and community. 


Community Playa del Carmen
Mexico Real Estate Nature

A core principle

of this community

is that people can live fully

when they are connected

to beauty and harmony

creating a healthy lifestyle

without negatively impacting 

the environment.  

This community is committed

to preserving the jungle and cenotes

that make up this development. 

Eco Lots for Sale Playa del Carmen

Outstanding Features

  • Unique development of its kind in the Playa del Carmen area
  • Land ready to be deeded
  • This project is the result of in-depth research in more than 30 communities around the world. Each area has been designed to improve the quality of life of its residents and therefore guarantee faster sales for developers looking to build innovative projects. 
  • 65 % of the total endemic natural area is preserved.
  • All projects are reviewed and authorized by an Architecture Committee, which oversees that the quality and design standards are maintained in each construction.  
  • Your project will be part of a space designed under the guidelines of New Urbanism. We know that our users require to live in a development where everything is within five minutes walking distance, we achieve this by combining land use, pedestrian pathways and landscape architecture.
  • This community has spaces for commerce and recreation with the sole purpose of providing its residents with a better quality of life.
  • Electricity and city water feasibilities 
  • Private property
  • Condominium regime
  • Deed and immediate delivery
  • This community is strategically located 5 minutes by car from supermarkets, hospitals and schools and 15 minutes from the best beach clubs.
  • Land payment flexibility
  • You can start building immediately, as this project has all the necessary legal documents and permits.

Master Plan

Yucatan Living

This community will feature

common amenities such as: 


* Coworking

* Endemic vegetation nursery

* Sport areas

* Jungle playground

* Alternative school

* Event hall

* Glamping

* Cenotes

* Cave

*Green areas


Playa del Carmen:

The Jewel of the Mexican Caribbean

Bacalar Mexico

In the heart

of the Riviera Maya

is the place

where personal transformation

and connection with nature
interwine in an idyllic refuge

where families flourish

and hearts find their home.  


Playa del Carmen

has experienced

a very accelerated

urban development.

It is imperative

that the new development proposals

preserve and integrate

the cultural and natural elements

of the area,

as is carried out

in this community

An Investment with a "Hybrid Effect"



* 50% of the total area of each lot will be preserved at individual lots.

* The project reserve more green areas than those requested by the municipal authorities.

* The community´s sewage network will be connected to the city network, ensuring the proper management of wastewater and preventing any adverse impact on the local aquifers. 





*Worldwide, the wellness market is growing 7% annually and users are willing to purchase properties at premium prices just to belong to a responsible and sustainable community.

* The area in Playa del Carmen, where this community is located, has experienced an annual average value appreciation of 12%.

* There are very few  communities similar to this one in Playa del Carmen, which constitutes an interesting aspect from an offer-demand market perspective. 

* Land payment flexibility: Each project is unique, that´s why different payment schemes are available, so that you can invest your capital efficiently. 

* Legal certainty of being able to immediately deed and start building.



 *In essence, this project is based on elements associated with well-being, health and community.

Each space

has been carefully designed to preserve and integrate nature and its inhabitants

in a natural, safe

and inspiring environment.


Driving distances from the community

  • 5 minutes to nearest supermarket and hospital
  • 15 minutes to the nearest beach public access
  • 18 minutes to downtown Playa del Carmen
  • 45 minutes to Cancun International Airport

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