5 Características de Proyectos Inmobiliarios Sustentables // 5 Features of Sustainable Real Estate Projects
En éste artículo te compartimos algunos aspectos importantes a considerar para identificar proyectos inmobiliarios sustentables In this article we share some important aspects to identify sustainable real estate projects

Alguna vez escuchaste la palabra "Hydroloop"? En este artículo te contamos que es, y cómo este invento 100% Mexicano te puede ayudar a reducir el consumo de agua Have you ever heard the word "Hydroloop"? In this article we tell you what it is, and how this 100% Mexican invention can help you reduce water consumption

Keeping Mexico dreams alive during challenging times

Entrepreneurs, investors and real estate developers are beginning to understand that in a natural area as rich and delicate as the Riviera Maya, sustainability and care for the environment are key to ensuring that this destination continues to be the successful tourist destination that has been so far

Tulum, Mexico will have soon its first residential development with blocks manufactured with Sargassum Seaweed