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FROM 146 M2 (1,571.53 SQFT) UP TO 219 M2 (2,357.3 SQFT)




Nestled in the heart of the mayan jungle,

this unique condo-hotel

offers more than stunning architecture.

It´s a sanctuary

where luxury and respect for the environment


providing a haven

for rejuvenation and reconnection.

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Outstanding Features

  • This project offers the best of both worlds as a condo-hotel. Enjoy your slice of paradise when you are here, and let your investment flourish when you are away by making it part of the hotel pool. 
  • Strategic location, just a 10-minute journey from the beach
  • Partnership with two beach clubs. 
  • Private in-house cenote. 
  • With a direct link to Nommos community and a dynamic space showcasing works from Dictador Art Masters, art and culture thrive amidst verdant tranquility. 
  • 10-point sustainability strategy to reduce environmental impact and promote energy efficiency

Master Plan

Tulum Bienes Raices

This project features

common amenities & services such as: 


* Amphitheater

* Gym

* Holistic spa services

* Private tour operation

* Fashion boutique 

* Restaurant

* Speak easy lounge

* Cenote

* Sky viewing nest

* Swimming pool

* Temazcal

* Moving art gallery


* Events management


Floor Plans (Available Units)

Treehouse Studio

Tulum Real Estate
Tulum Floor Plan
Tulum 1 Bedroom Condos

Tulum: The youngest tourist destination in the Mexican Caribbean

Cancun Mexico


This city has rapidly emerged

in recent years

as a world-renowned tourist destination with its own personality

that attracts travelers

in search of

off-the-beaten-path experiences.



 The accelerated growth of Tulum

poses serious challenges

regarding its integration with the nature of the place,

for which sustainable development proposals

such as this one

are extremely appreciated.

An Investment with a "Hybrid Effect"



* Bioarchitecture 

This project´s model used the four elements to recognize the benefits of raising the treehouse towers above the ground. This elevation results in optimal water drainage, natural vegetation growth with native plants, beautiful sunlight with strategic shading, and crosswind ventilation to reduce mildew while keeping the interior ambient temperature cooler.


*Transplanting and reforestation

Not every tree or plant may be used for construction, so transplanting becomes the next best alternative. This project managed to transplant a substantial amount of species. Trees with lower water storage were repurposed as wood. The equivalent of the remainder removed has been replanted in other locations.


* Material Selection and Repurposing

Over 1,000 m³ of excavated limestone was incorporated into the walls, floors, and various decor throughout the hotel.  

Local artists designed chairs, tables, and headboards with materials discovered throughout the property, materials typically disposed of by fire.  

This project integrated the “all-natural” concept by using limestone, bamboo, sustainable woods, and chukum (a limestone and tree resin, 100% organic stucco-type finishing) throughout the project.


* Renewable Energy

A solar farm bask in the glorious Caribbean sun and help harness renewable energy from our beautiful star in the sky. These cells allow this project to power most of the air conditioning throughout the treehouses and staffing.


* Negative Emissions

Emissions come from two phases of a building's lifecycle, the construction and the operation. The operation of buildings worldwide creates 28% of global emissions. Insulation and ventilation are the most substantial designs that can help reduce the need for energy consumption. The natural insulation of this project´s custom-made Bamboo Skin reduces interior temperature, regulates humidity, and absorbs pollution. The construction process creates embodied carbons (CO2 emitted in the production of the material) through direct and indirect emissions resulting in 11% of global emissions. This project has achieved a negative emission model that compensates beyond its property's impact.


*Greywater Treatment

Water treatment system that prioritizes the safety of the aquifer below.  All greywater is purified and filtered through a state-of-the-art water treatment plant before returning to its underground home.


* Inverse Osmosis System

Clean water pumps into a reverse osmosis system. Then it is softened before being dispersed throughout the complex for all to use.




* The condo-hotel management will allow your investment to flourish while you are away. 

* This project is ushering in a new era of luxury resorts that fed an insatiable appetite for faraway cultures and an appreciation of the creative and elegant in life, therefore, targeting a very particular and special type of traveler whose niche is not very well served in the area. 







  *This project is the perfect setting for a vibrant tapestry of creators, burners, and nomads who share a mutual

passion for sustainable living. With a direct link to the Nommos community and

a dynamic space showcasing works from Dictador Art Masters, art and culture

thrive amidst verdant tranquility.

Experience a voyage into holistic well-being at the Spa, which offers

traditional Mayan massages and body treatments, while the exquisite

restaurants cater to all tastes with vegan, vegetarian, and flexitarian dishes made

from the freshest local ingredients.

* Find inner peace and physical wellness in the dedicated yoga shala and gym.

* Gather with the community in the nature-connected amphitheater, where

stories are shared under a starlit canopy. From the community nests atop each


tower, immerse yourself in breathtaking views of the Mayan jungle.

Driving Distances

  • 7 minutes to the nearest beach club 
  • 7 minutes to Tulum Downtown
  • 41 minutes to Tulum International Airport
  • 1 hour 5 minutes to Playa del Carmen
  • 1 hour 47 minutes to Cancun International Airport

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