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3 or 4 BEDROOMS 

3.5 or 4.5 BATHROOMS





761 M2 (8,191.34 SQFT) TO 922 M2 (9,924.33 SQFT) 



178 M2 (1,916 SQFT) TO 280 M2 (3,014 SQFT)







A project created

for conscious & sensitive people

who want to have a home

in Tulum.

Mexico Real Estate
Riviera Maya Real Estate

This project aligns

with the exodus that arrives to Tulum, 

offering a true place of rest, 

tranquility and good life,

recognizing the existing values, 

the region's nature, 

the global nomadic culture

and the local ancestral culture. 

Wellness Real Estate

Outstanding Features

  • A true well-founded alignment with the type of people who visit the region. People who are in search of true connections, respect for the environment and the traditions of the place.
  • Construction made by contemporary Mayan artisans with more than 30 years of experience. 
  • An architectural design that is at the service of human well-being, using a method that has been developed through almost 20 years of research and practice.
  • The developer will remain part of the community, ensuring the evolution of the project over time. 
  • Owners will have exclusive in-house management services that will allow them to unify the operation of the compound and the evolution of the gardens. This will help to maintain order and added value.
  • The design of the houses follows bioclimatic principles corresponding to the warm, humid climate of the region, the wind & sun patterns, as well as strong sustainability principles. 
  • High percentage of exterior areas
  • Strategic location.

Master Plan

Tulum Sustainable Development
Tulum Real Estate

This project will feature common amenities such as:


* Community House:

The heart of the project, a very special quiet and harmonious place .

A temple of wellness,

a sanctuary in the middle of the jungle for the traveler.


* Gardens: The design and development of the gardens and fruit patch is a unique feature. For their creation

traditional Mayan technologies intelligently combined with modern agriculture practices were used.

* Each corner of the block will function

as a public space. They will offer

shaded spaces to sit, fruits to eat from

the trees, contemplate the flowers and

bees, or share a moment

with other people around.

Residence Prototype

Riviera Maya Sustainable

Configuration of available Homes


* 3 Bedrooms / 3.5 Bathrooms

*4 Bedrooms / 4.5 Bathrooms


* 3 parking spots per house 

* Private Pool

* Private Garden


Every house is designed towards the interior of its own atmosphere which allows it to have intimacy.

At the same time the rear is oriented towards the palm and bush gardens, allowing a connection with nature .


The houses connect between themselves through their gardens´double doors. These doors can be opened or closed freely, able to adapt to  the different moments a community has.

Tulum: The youngest tourist destination in the Mexican Caribbean

Cancun Mexico


This city has rapidly emerged

in recent years

as a world-renowned tourist destination with its own personality

that attracts travelers

in search of

off-the-beaten-path experiences.



The accelerated growth of Tulum

poses serious challenges

regarding its integration with the nature of the place,

for which sustainable development proposals

such as this one

are extremely appreciated.

An Investment with a "Hybrid Effect"



* Its design follows bioclimatic principles corresponding to the warm, humid climate of the region, wind and sun. 

* Only 27% Footprint

(73% land preserved)

* Rain water harvesting for water gardens and for in-house use.

* Wastewater treatment plant and reuse of treated water for irrigation purposes. 

* Pollination: Bringing Melipona bees to the land allows for the gardens to flourish

* Smart design, built to keep the living spaces cool and energy costs low all year 

* Circulation paths based on a sustainable concept, achieving a minimum impact on the soil and absolute permeability to the aquifer. 

* Energy efficient inverter air conditioners

* The soil of this project has been regenerated for 2 years . 

*Using “syntrophic farming” more than a 100 fruit trees, different species of flora and

flower gardens have been planted. Their purpose is to make the ecological interactions that keep the ecosystem alive and





*The principles of bioclimatic design and intelligent design ensure a reduction in energy consumption since each house will naturally preserve a pleasant temperature inside.

*The Tulum market lacks house-type housing options that favor natural space and its integration into architecture as this proposal does, so from the point of view of market demand for rentals or resales, this project is interesting.

* This project is located

in a strategic area of Tulum, close enough from points of interests but still far enough to keep a sense of privacy and seclusion. 




*The community house is the heart of the project, a very special, quiet and harmonious place. A temple of wellness, a sanctuary in the middle of the jungle for the traveler.  A conjunction of spaces designed to carry out diverse activities that will promote self discovery, healing and reconnection in unison with Nature 

*For this project, building community is also about living as a family, therefore its design has considered the creation of friendly spaces for children, going further than just architectural constructions only limited to housing, spaces where residents can live playful experiences in contact with nature. 

Additional Pictures

Driving Distances

  • 8 minutes to the nearest beach access 
  • 10 minutes to Tulum Downtown 
  • 43 minutes to Tulum International Airport
  • 1 hour 10 minutes to Playa del Carmen
  • 1 hour 50 minutes to Cancun International Airport

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