Conceptual Disruption in Real Estate Investment

Tulum Mexico Real Estate
Sustainable Real Estate Project in Tulum, Mexico

The world is changing and evolving at a great speed and in all areas


The investment sector is not exempt from this reality


Traditional investment strategies are migrating towards new models 

based on the generation of compound benefits


Let's take the stock market as an example


The ESG revolution


Environmental, Social and Government (ESG) Assets


A holistic approach to investing that seeks to identify opportunities 

that generate a measurable positive compound impact 

on society, the environment (and of course finances)


According to Barron's, a leading international financial news source
“ESG investment could quadruple by 2030”


And this is also happening in the real estate sector


The traditional investment approach that considers only location 

and a light estimate of ROI as elements of decision-making, 

falls short in the current context


The rules of the game have changed


There are new disruptive concepts 

that are redefining the real estate sector 

towards proposals that generate a compound positive impact 

in different areas

Cancun Real Estate
Sustainable Real Estate Project in Cancun, México

Community, sustainability, contribution, identity, 

wellness, privacy, space, balance, resilience, 

regeneration, simplicity, are just some of these concepts


Consciously investing in real estate projects 

that incorporate these disruptive concepts 

will speak volumes about you as an investor, and in current times, 

it will allow you to guarantee interesting and stable

 compound benefits in the future

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