SUMMARY: Conscious real estate development located in Tulum, specially designed for real estate developers and architects who are looking for the opportunity to add value and create new urban conditions, with the aim of leaving a positive impact and improving the quality of life in this extraordinary location.


The development consists of:

* 1 commercial lot of 6,500 m2

* 18 residential lots of 1,500 m2 each (land use H3)

* 1 residential lot of 3,000 m2 (land use H3)

* 1 residential lot of 3,100 m2 (land use H3)

* 6,914.12 m2 of roads

* 3,336.19 m2 for conservation areas


LOCATION: Coba Avenue - Tulum, Quintana Roo - México


DEVELOPMENT STATUS: Ready for delivery and deed


* This development covers a total area of 49,850 m2 with more than 40% dedicated to conservation areas.  


* This development will be managed as a regulated condominium, so the natural environment will be preserved and respected. 


* The commercial zone will have a very low density, which will not exceed 30%, including the roads, leaving the rest of the surface in its natural state.


* Two semi-triangular plots will be used as development conservation areas, and will also serve to visually block the residential area of Cobá Avenue. 


* The residential area will have a maximum restriction of 60%.

* The condominium regulations will stipulate the respect of the native vegetation zones. 


* A flora and fauna rescue program is carried out, in accordance with municipal regulations, for which a vivro is created within the property for the proper management and conservation of the rescued species for later use in reforestation. development. Surpluses will be delivered to the municipal authority.


* Located on Avenida Cobá, just 5 minutes from the center of Tulum and the beach


 * Community with 2 controlled accesses

* Private security

* Green areas


* Association of condominium owners with a well-defined brand


* Land ownership


* Subdivided lots

* Complete branding of the project

* Building permits secured


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Eco Homes Riviera Maya


Dirección / Address

Avenida 58 Norte, Número 304C, Playa del Carmen,

Quintana Roo, México

CP 77723


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(+52) 9848018440


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Lunes a Viernes :10:30 am - 06:30 pm

Monday through Friday : 10:30 am - 06:30 pm

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