Nature inspires us in everything we do...Our image is a tribute to the beautiful "Chit Palm", native to Mexico´s Yucatan Peninsula, currently in danger of extinction, a symbol that reminds us of the extraordinary but fragile natural beauty that surrounds us in this magical region of Mexico. As Real Estate agents we have a big responsibility to ensure that urban development will respect and preserve nature as much as possible. Our mission is to be the meeting point between real estate buyers genuinely interested in nature conservation & sustainability with sellers/developers offering properties with genuine ecological aspects and the highest sustainability standars in this magical region of Mexico




Licensed broker

Luis is a licensed Real Estate Advisor, originally from Venezuela with a degree in engineering, a master degree in business management, a degree in real estate. Luis speaks spanish & english. Back in 2008 Luis moved to Mexico´s  Yucatan Peninsula for the first time and felt deeply in love with the natural beauty of the area. After getting a deep knowledge and understanding of the socioeconomic dynamic Luis joined the Playa Rentals & Sales Team (our sister company) and started his career as a Real Estate Agent back in 2014. The constant contact with the nature of the area has awakened in Luis a high awareness of respect for it, from which the idea of Eco Homes Riviera Maya emerges, as a channel that potentializes all real estate initiatives aimed at a more sustainable development


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Licensed broker

Gabi is a licensed Real Estate Advisor, originally from Germany, moved to Playa del Carmen in 2001 and founded Playa Rentals & Sales (our sister company) in 2009. Shortly after, she was recognized by clients as one of the top long term rental agents in town, known for her honesty, professionalism and focus on client service. Gabi has a degree in Sales & Counselling, speaks german, english & spanish. Her constant link with Europe and its advances in sustainability have allowed Gabi to delve into great ideas that have been successfully implemented in Europe and that could be adapted in the Riviera Maya and the Yucatan Area in order to achieve a more sustainable development, such as the tiny living movement which is one of our big bets  


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Email  gabi@ecohomesrivieramaya.com

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Visit our sister company Playa Rentals & Sales, established in 2009, offering consulting services in Real Estate & Long-Term Rents in the beautiful Mayan Riviera of México.