The Era of Sustainable Real Estate Properties For Sale in Tulum & Riviera Maya - Mexico has begun

Sustainable Real Estate for Sale in Tulum & Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya is an extensive area located in front of the beautiful waters of the Caribbean Sea in Mexico, which has become one of the main tourist destinations worldwide due to its exuberant and abundant nature, to the richness of the Mayan archaeological treasures that owns, the warmth of its inhabitants, its privileged climate and the impressive range of top-level tourist services offered to its visitors.


This set of factors has promoted a vertiginous real estate development in recent years that seeks to satisfy the demand of the millions of visitors who vacation every year in this beautiful tourist destination. This accelerated development, in some occasions, has lacked a sustainable vision that integrates and respects the surrounding environment and, on the contrary, has had a short-term philosophy that depredates natural resources seeking to obtain the maximum economic benefit in the shortest possible time.


Fortunately, this trend is beginning to change and some entrepreneurs, investors and real estate developers are beginning to understand that in a natural area as rich and delicate as this one, sustainability and care for the environment are key to ensuring that the Riviera Maya continues to be the successful tourist destination that has been so far. Every day more and more human beings appreciate and seek experiences of direct contact with nature, but a nature that is healthy, abundant, respected, and to achieve this, sustainable development is the only way to go.


It fills me with deep joy to begin to see real estate projects in the Riviera Maya where systems and technologies are being developed and implemented to meet current needs, but that do not compromise the natural resources and opportunities for growth and development of future generations. This is sustainable development. Taken into practice, this translates into rainwater collection systems, wastewater treatment systems, water generation systems based on environmental humidity, solar panels, wind generators, water saving systems, use of organic materials for construction, energy and waste management systems, transplant of native trees, limitation of deforested areas, social responsibility, among others.


There is still a long way to go in this regard, but I am positive that more and more actors will be joining this trend, which is not only local but global, and on which even our own survival depends.

Sustainable Real Estate for Sale in Tulum & Riviera Maya, Mexico

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