First Residential Development in the World that Integrates Blocks Manufactured with Sargassum Seaweed

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Tulum, Mexico will have soon its first residential development where blocks manufactured with Sargassum Seaweed will be incorporated in its catalog of materials for certain areas of the project. 


Sargassum is a type of seaweed that can create certain problems when it washes up across the coast in large quantities. 


The fist studies made to sargassum block, showed that every piece contains between 40% and 60% of this organic residue. The tests performed proved more than 120 years of durability in ideal conditions and the evidence have confirmed the resistance of the material for housing construction purposes. 


Craft Sargassum blocks are manually compacted in individual molds and left to dry in the sun for 10 days. Industrial blocks are mechanically compacted at at compression of 112 Kg x cm2 at a speed of 435 pieces per hour. The patent belongs to Mr. Omar Vazquez. 


For every 2000 pieces of Sargassum block used in a construction, 20 tons of this material are cleaned from our beaches. The extraction of the algae is 100% manual, which avoids the substraction of sand during the process. An average residential development can use more than 35000 pieces of Sargassum block. 


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